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Kovozavody Prostejov 72351 Praga E-114B Air Baby

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Kodi i produktit: KOV72351
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ProdhuesiKovozavody Prostejov
Kodi i produktitKOV72351
Pesha:0.12 kg
Shtuar nė katalog nė:19.8.2022

The Prague E.114 was a Czechoslovakian light sports aircraft in the high wing configuration, with a classic - fixed landing gear, from the interwar period. The flight of the prototype took place in 1934, and shortly after that, mass production started, which led to the creation of about 250-300 aircraft of this type. The drive - in version E.114 B 2 - was provided by a single Prague B-2 engine with a capacity of 45 HP. The plane did not have on-board weapons.

Praga E.114 was built in the CKD-Praga plant, and its main designer was Jaroslav Slechta. The new machine was characterized primarily by a simple and rather conservative design and a relatively low weight, which earned it the nickname "Air Baby". It also turned out to be a successful plane, which was produced both in domestic plants in Czechoslovakia and licensed in Great Britain by F. Hills and Sons Limited based in Manchester (designation: Hilson-Prague). In the course of production, several development versions of the aircraft were created (eg E.114M, E.114C or E.115), which differed from each other mainly in the power unit.

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Shtuar nė katalog nė: 19.8.2022
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