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ZEP System MSJ01 Aircraft holder (small)

Aircraft holder (small) - Image 1
Prodhuesi: ZEP System
Kodi i produktit: ZEP-MSJ01
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ProdhuesiZEP System
Kodi i produktitZEP-MSJ01
Pesha:0.18 kg
Shtuar nė katalog nė:5.7.2021
Etiketa:Painting-station Model-holder Workplace ZEP-Moduls

Aircraft holder (small)

Support for the assembly, painting, treatment and transport of large-scale aircraft. Light, rigid, high quality and ecological.

  • Applicable to 1/72 scale, other scales are possible depending on the size of the model. For other scales, check out our other available sizes.
  • Also applicable to the assembly, painting and treatment of a turret of 1/35 armored vehicles.
  • This support has the dimensions of an A5 size cutting mat and allows you to work comfortably and safely on the model.
  • Supports movable longitudinally and in height. 360 ° swivel supports. Ruler marked on the arms of the base, height reference indications on all supports. Marks for reference of the rotation at the base of the supports.
  • Simple assembly! No need to use glue or trim anything. Maximum assembly time: 3 minutes.
  • Includes stickers to put your name or pseudonym on the base, for when you take photos of your plane. Includes non-slip silicone drops for the base and elastic bands to hold the model for transport to exhibitions, contests, etc.
  • Made in the E.U. with premium quality PLA plastic. Industrially compostable product.
  • Recommend products: Aircraft holder (medium) aND Aircraft holder (large).

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Shtuar nė katalog nė: 5.7.2021
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